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Post your site in the sharing grid. It is 100% free, fully automatic, and fully anonymous

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Just put a site URL, Refresh Exchange will exchange that URL with other users, automatically!


Customize Refresh Exchange to decide how often to exchange, stop it at any time or change your traffic URL.


We use smart technologies which makes your traffic boost is unstopable. You don't need proxies, hacks or hard work.

How it works

Provide Refresh Exchange with a URL. It will post your URL on the sharing grid, and will get the list of URLs to refresh for other users. Once you earn points, your site will be shared by thousands of other users!


Refresh Exchange is the smartest refresh tool on the internet:


Refresh Exchange is 100% free - no registration or credit card details required

Flexible Settings

You decide how often to refresh each page in a click of a button


Refresh Exchange can continue working forever - it is legit browsing - no need ot proxies or hacks.

Refresh anything

Refresh Exchange will refresh any webpage, no matter which technology it is using (html / javascript / react / angular)

Real sharing

Refresh Exchange is a peer to peer network, you are helping other while getting help

Refresh Queue

Everything is done automatically, the tool will present you the queue of which pages are next to refresh

Try it now: